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Restaurant with integrated vegetable farm. Reality today.

What better way than to show that you truly are serving fresh, organic and quality ingredients? The solution: integrate your vegetable farm directly into your restaurant. Done successfully here…


What’s hot in 2010: sustainability, local sourcing and nutrition.

The US restaurant industry certainly is a powerful innovator when it comes to new concepts and trends. Think of fastfood, fast casual and so forth that have revolutionized the way we eat around the world – often, arguably, not for the better of humankind. The below survey published here reveals the latest trends for 2010 that dramatically reverse what the US restaurant industry did in the last 30 years: sustainably produced food, locally sourced ingredients, and a better eye at the nutritional values of our meals are the hot items of the future.

I am thinking that these restaurants trends are just as valid for Europe. And I will bet you that these trends, like fast food in the past, are here to stay, because they are increasingly relevant for our wellbeing. We all want to eat more organic, more locally sourced (because it is more ecological, more intimate, less global and more transparent) and we would like to eat healthy food. This is a global need. What better than fruit, vegetables and fish from an AquaFarm from a rooftop next to your house, in the city wherever you live?

AquaFarm blog hits 120 views per day…

Many thanks to my wive, who just started a bush fire by sending out the link to my so-far private little blog…120 views today on AquaFarm is GREAT! Thanks also to all friends that participated in the poll: 74% BUY AquaFarm versus 26% traditional organic. – but don’t cheat and vote twice, OK?

Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte…

Der Vergleich Hydroponic (orange) ggü. traditionellem Ackerbau (schwarz): 1:0.

Co2 is the turbo-booster for plant growth

Simply put: 6 Co2 + 6 H2O + Light Energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2. This is the photosynthesis formula that lets plants develop and grow the way we know it. Climeworks, a spin-off at the ETH Zürich that has recently won the VentureKick price, develops new technology that captures Co2 from radiant air. This technology can be used in greenhouses such as AquaFarm to feed plants with Co2 faster and more efficiently. – Think of this as the turbo booster for plants, simply by extracting the natural Co2 in the air and converting it into photosynthesis. C’est génial, no?

Growing Powers: Selbstversorgung = Selbstbestimmung

Die non-profit Organisation Growing Powers betreibt mehrere urban farms und hat sich in den USA  als thought leader für urban farming etabliert. Ausgezeichnet mit etlichen Preisen, steht Growing Powers für das Recht auf Selbstversorgung der Amerikanischen Unterschicht. Wissen bedeutet Macht: Growing Powers sieht sich in dieser Hinsicht als Enabler für eine neue Konsumkultur der Selbstversorgung. Denn Selbstversorgung ist Selbstbestimmung, und dies soll neue Chancen eröffnen für diejenigen, die bisher wenig Chancen hatten. Interessante Medienberichte über Growing Powers auch hier…

Nachhaltiges Bauen – “grünes Geld”

Die Firma KlimaGut AG aus Berlin investiert in nachhaltige Immobilienentwicklungen mit sowohl ökonomischen, wie auch sozialen und nachhaltig-technologischen Zielen. – Im Interview zeigt der Gründer von KlimaGut AG auch auf die Entstehung des “grünen Geldmarkts”, welcher in nachhaltige Projekte investiert.