What’s hot in 2010: sustainability, local sourcing and nutrition.

The US restaurant industry certainly is a powerful innovator when it comes to new concepts and trends. Think of fastfood, fast casual and so forth that have revolutionized the way we eat around the world – often, arguably, not for the better of humankind. The below survey published here reveals the latest trends for 2010 that dramatically reverse what the US restaurant industry did in the last 30 years: sustainably produced food, locally sourced ingredients, and a better eye at the nutritional values of our meals are the hot items of the future.

I am thinking that these restaurants trends are just as valid for Europe. And I will bet you that these trends, like fast food in the past, are here to stay, because they are increasingly relevant for our wellbeing. We all want to eat more organic, more locally sourced (because it is more ecological, more intimate, less global and more transparent) and we would like to eat healthy food. This is a global need. What better than fruit, vegetables and fish from an AquaFarm from a rooftop next to your house, in the city wherever you live?


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  1. of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option *~`


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