Balancing the heart and the mind

We were getting a lot of comments  – mostly dislikes – for posting this video on a commercial-scale hydrponic system recently. It is clear that we don’t like to remind ourselves of the industrialized aspects how we cultivate food in the modern era. The point I was trying to make though was that the world of hydrponics / aquaponics should be seen as a competitive method in producing food against the traditionals land-based methods – and that it is not just a playground for freaks and geeks experimenting with technology in their backyards and for their private amusement.

I am posting another video here that shows a less industrial approach of an existing Aquaponics system. The tranquil atmosphere and the peaceful setting of this space is awesome and reminds me of an indoor yoga garden. It shows that we can combine a productive system with the emotional needs of growing food with dignity and a human touch, without massive automation and industrialized strategies for staying cost-competitive, striking a better balance for the heart and the mind.


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