AquaFarm – what we do

AquaFarm aims to be a pioneer in the development of sustainable and organic urban farming systems.

Aquaponic closed-loop system in action

AquaFarm aims to develop sustainable & organic closed-loop urban farming systems on large commercial scale and availability.

THE AQUAFARM MISSION IS TO combine a commercial-scale fish farm with a vertically integrated vegetable garden to reduce greenhouse gas emissions & provide sustainable and organic fresh food  for an urban & progressive clientele of ecologically conscious consumers.

THE AQUAFARM METHODOLOGY IS REVOLUTIONARY  – AND YET KNOWN FOR CENTURIES. In the AquaFarm system, the nutrients from the fish farm are broken down by bacteria and other little helpers to provide a fertile ground for plant growth. At the end, the system is closed-loop, completely organic and sustainable in its use. Mother nature does the trick!Everything works in harmony and creates almost zero emissions in the process.

Fish farm provides nutrients for vegetable garden. - Vegetable garden cleans water for the fish farm

THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MAGIC: “Aquaponics”, the science behind this magic, have been used for centuries but have had limited adoption in modern world agriculture due to their complexity. The critical question now is not IF such system will have their commercial break-through, but WHEN. Think about this as the solar industry 10 years ago…entrepreneurial pioneers leading the way, and money will follow.

LOCATION: AquaFarm will reside on urban rooftops and city buildings. Urban farming aims to bring food production closer to where consumption is happening.  This is a huge trend currently taking place, particularly in  in the US, in cities like in New York City or Milwaukee, where former abandoned car factories are revamped to produce organic vegetables and fish – in the heart of the city!!


AQUAFARM BUSINESS MODELL: AquaFarm’s business model will be a hybrid of a for-profit, non-profit as well as a co-op (Genossenschaft). We aim to deliver against a triple bottom line of sustainability, profitability and social benefits.  As such, the concept is truly unique and innovative in its entire approach. A new urban consumer out there is looking for such products because it meets his lifestyle of eating healthily, and with a good conscience.

THE PEOPLE BEHIND AQUAFARM – DO YOU WANT TO BECOME PART OF IT? The project is currently looking to attract strategic & industrial investors as well as founding team members with backgrounds in biology, agriculture, and ecological management that can complement the AquaFarm team.

Read more  about other references and interesting links to projects around the world on Aquaponics and similar systems.

Important: This idea needs further validation! Please also participate in this poll to rate the idea behind AquaFarm and share your opinion about this project. Many thanks in advance!


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  1. Sali Roman

    Das tönt ja interessant! Ich werde dein Projekt mitverfolgen!
    Gruss This


  2. Posted by Melanie & Helmut Gaus on June 21, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Hallo Gausi
    Auf Deinem Skizzenblock zeigte die “Roman Gaus AG” 1992 einen Aktienverlauf von eindrücklicher Performance. Damals war es Spass und “Vision”. Es scheint nun ernst zu werden. Wir finden es interessant, die Sache weiter verfolgen zu dürfen!
    Helmut und Melanie


  3. Posted by Erik on June 21, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Hi Roman,
    I very much like the idea – thinking out of the box at its best! I would be curious to hear more about the financial side – what would it cost to produce and to buy, who are the buyers, what are the required sizes to make it worthwhile, how can you protect the invention, how much capital need do you estimate to break even, etc. Maybe this can be under a separate link of the homepage. I like projects like this!


  4. Posted by Deb Sherman on June 21, 2010 at 12:13 am

    Roamn, Wow! Very Impressive! Not surprising coming from a genius like you!


  5. Hi Roman!
    Scheint mir eine originelle Idee zu sein. Bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht.
    Eine betriebliche Sozialarbeiterin hast du dann ja auch schon…
    May you have success and fun!


  6. Posted by scarlett gaus on June 20, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    love it. du weisch ja wo du mich finsch wenns um branding / kommunikation gaat. xxx


  7. hallo Trung, eine AquaFarm in Vietnam, am besten in Saigon oder Hanoi, wäre toll. Wenn du den Fernost Ableger der AquaFarm eröffnen willst und unser Know-how in einem 2.Pilotprojekt anwenden würdest, gäbe das sicherlich eine erhoffte Validierung des Konzepts. Ich sehe natürlich auch die Vorteile, gerade in Asiens Megastätten. Let’s discuss.


  8. Posted by Ern 3000 on June 19, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Great stuff! I would have loved to hear about this sooner. =P


    • Ernie, you can STILL participate, dude ! Need your help in determining the structural elements of this plan, i.e. the rooftop design. I am told 1m3 of fish tank is 1000l = 1000kg. I am planning on 300 m3 of fish tank…that will be a large.

      I also need help in developing the energy concept, including how we can power this thing with renewables, using the off-heat from the building to heat the greenhouse, place heat exchanges on top of the HVAC, heat pumps for electricity (UV lights), solar PV and solar thermal installations as well. This will be a LEED project. You’re interested?


  9. great initiative, great blog, great concept; we are talking about our future!
    i came across a project in venice, italy, that is looking into a self-sustaining society: certosa urban park 2015

    might be interesting for you as well.


  10. Posted by trung dinh on June 19, 2010 at 4:24 am

    the idea is excellent and also very useful for third world and emerging countries where the consumers are concerned about the quality of vegetables and fish they take every day.

    I would be very much interested in involving in the future development of this concept.


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