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We talked a lot about the sustainability benefits of AquaFarm, mostly in terms of its superior qualities in recycling nutrients for plant growth, the savings in water consumption and the ability to grow stuff vertically which results in a higher efficiency overall. The underlying concept of AquaFarm however is also supported by a sustainable use of energy resources and how we can recycle energy in different stages and do not impact the climate.

 The following two articles from Friendly Aquaponics, a Hawaii-based “open source initiative for aquaponic users world-wide”. The first article presents several arguments of Aquaponics and their superior usage of energy against other food production methods, both organic and traditional. The second article talks about how biogas offers interesting opportunities in recycling energy present in the waste products of food  and what advantages it offers over other renewable energy sources like PV (mostly because of ROI and cost, biogas seem to be a very effective technology).

Two interesting reads on a concept that 100% supports AquaFarm  – clean, healthy food, with positive impact on the climate.