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Living the sustainable life in Copenhagen

On a recent visit to Copenhagen, Denmark, I learned about the sustainable lifestyles of Copenhageners. Firstly, most of them are biking around the city instead of using public transport, and cars are virtually absent. In fact, I was told, Copenhageners commute more total kilometers than they use public transport – and this year-around even in not-so-dry winters.

The Living Facade in Copenhagen

Also, I found a nice example of a verticle green facade which not only looked great but also seems to be a great tourist attraction. Called the “Living Facade”, it aims to “illustrate the potential for vertical gardens to provide urban green areas” (EU-money sponsored…) Nevertheless, I like it!

The other really nice discovery was a sign outside a sushi bar, advertising their “sustainable tuna” and “eco-salmon”…. I was intrigued about the concept at first, but got more sceptical about the true selling points when I asked the waiters about it but none of them could not tell me either why, nor specifically how this sustainable tuna is really sustainably produced….

Sustainable tuna....beware!

Lesson learned: not everywhere where sustainability is proclaimed, is sustainability inside! Some extra caution is suggested in not “sustainble-washing”  our products or diluting the true sustainable selling points of AquaFarm.
We have to back up sustainability with rigid business processes and sound reporting,  otherwise it becomes a fad.